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A5 DashMaster Review|Powerful DashCoin Miner With 38GHs


A5 DashMaster Review|Powerful DashCoin Miner With 38GHs

A5 DashMaster Review


The new gen DashCoin miner is here and ready to show up in the market in a couple of months. The New INNOSILICON A5 DashMaster going to be very popular amongst miners since considering profit returns.

Talking about from past few weeks, we can see the drop in the ethereum price, this pushing the ethereum miners to try on different altcoins including DashCoin, LiteCoin and other.

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Mining Dash Coin is considered to be in the green zone for miners and able to give good profit back. The new A5 DashMaster will going to be the new gen miner for the DashCoin loaded with powerful and more efficient ASICs newly gen chips.

Since the popularity of mining these coin mining include dash coin increase, so do the difficulty going to increase and we surely will see the steep increase in next couple of months, all these make DashCoin a good time to invest and get started, investing in the mining or simple buying DashCoin might have the bright and in couple of months.

The new ASIC models will going to be around 10 times more efficient than the previous gen ones.

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A5 DashMaster Specifications

  • Hash Rate:30.2GH/s(+/-8%, in 750w normal mode)
  • Overclock Hashrates: 38 GH/s(+/-8%, in 1250w overclock mode)
  • Chip Type:  A5 DashMaster ASIC
  • Power Consumption: 750W ( normal mode, at the wall, with 93% efficiency PSU, 25°C temperature )
  • Weight:  4.8KG
  • Dimensions: Single tube, 400mm(L) x 135mm(W) x 158mm(H)
  • Network Connection: Ethernet
  • Operating Temperature:  0°C—85°C (device junction temperature)
  • ROI: Around 2 Weeks (going to decrease in couple of months as the difficulty goes up)
The new batch release will going to have 6 months warranty.


  • New Gen ASIC Chip with more efficient mining
  • ROI is good
  • Good Hashrates with respect to power consumption
  • Comes with Additional Overclock Option
  • Portable Small Size


  • The mining unit produce lot of heat (has to put in good ventilation areas)
  • ROI going to increase


As of now, returns are amazing. On calculating profit on cryptocompare with both normal mode and Overclocked mode we can see as follows


Profits for A5 DashMaster with 30GH/s @700W

Profits for A5 DashMaster with 30GH/s @700W


Profits for A5 DashMaster with 38GH/s @1250W

Profits for A5 DashMaster with 38GH/s @1250W

Availability and Price

The newly A5 DashMaster is currently available and costs $10k or around 3.190 BTC / 248.77 LTC. There are few units left for batch delivering on Dec 1th  to Dec 15th and you can buy minimum 1 unit. Mode of payment is via BTC, LTC, Bank Transfer.

Company going to deliver first pay first server customers. Once all units sold out the sale going to be close. The price might change in the next sale, buying from 3rd party will cost bit higher price.

Official Website:


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