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Vivaldi 1.2 Released With Fixed Netflix ISSUE

Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi 1.2 Released With Fixed Netflix ISSUE

The previous version of Vivaldi browser, i.e. V1.1 got it up with some issues with Netflix, which is due to the known issue of Widevine Content Decryption Module breaking Netflix. This issue has been fixed by the developers with a new release 1.2 recently.

You can see the Widevine version in Vivaldi Browser,  visit Vivaldi://conpinent page.

Vivaldi New Released

Download the latest version of the Vivaldi Browser Now


  • [Regression] Full-screen view with tabs positioned at the bottom shows the trash button at the bottom left corner (VB-30981)
  • Vivaldi does not start with many bookmarks (VB-30865)
  • Upgraded to Chromium to 60.0.3112.105
  • Widevine version breaks Netflix in Vivaldi (VB-30960)
  • [Search Engine] Editing doesn’t check required fields (VB-21284)

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