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How to fix MSI Z270 Pro Only Detecting 3 or 4 GPUs


How to fix MSI Z270 Pro Only Detecting 3 or 4 GPUs

The Msi Z270 Pro Motherboard is consider amongst the top mining equipment motherboard which is willing to server the 6 GPU onboard PCI-E Graphics Slot. But recently many people facing the issue with only getting 3 or 4 GPUs working and not getting all 6 GPUs working at the same time.

Possible Issues- Steps to be followed

1.Update Bios to the latest firm Bios (! Download it only from the official Website)-

How To Flash Bios for MSI Z270 pro

The step 1 is important because the company realease the latest Bios after fixing bugs and support issues, so its always good to have the latest update of all the things before you get riding the boat of crypto mining.

2.  Turn On 4G Decording(Special Mining Mode)

Many users don’t know and got stuck on this step, well the 4G decoding specially made to run all 6 GPUs at the same time.  4G decoding is the mode with lows down the useless hardware stuff and turns main focus on PCI-E slots and others.

3. Update Graphic Drives-

Many time graphic Drivers causes the issues so it’s always good to have the latest version of software which are running the graphic cards

4. Update your windows

Many users think windows update is just an optional step, but it’s not it’s as much important as other steps too. Getting latest windows make you up for the latest security updates and might fix some drivers bugs fix. So its always good to get all the windows update when the reach to us.

5. Make sure you have properly connected the graphic cards

this is one of the important steps as many people grind whole day in software part and at the end of the day, they came to know that the graphic card was not properly connected to the mother board or power supply. So make sure you connect every graphic card properly with all the power and mother board cables.


Still Not fix? Try these

Install windows and Drivers with 4g Decoding setting off and after that turn it on.




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