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How to Install EthOS in Mining Rig – Get Started with Mining


How to Install EthOS in Mining Rig – Get Started with Mining

Ether Mining Install EthOS

Ethos is currently the best easy to use mining setup OS with is simple and easy to use. Before we get started lets discuss why Ethos is very good towards mining Cryptocurrency.  EthOS is a 64-bit linux OS that mines Ethereum, Zcash, Monero, and other GPU-minable coins. Altcoins which can be autotraded to Bitcoin or other currency very easily with exchanges like gdax, poloniex, bitfinex.

Why EthOS?

As we all know Linux is among the best stable safe solutions as compare to other operating systems like windows, what makes Linux that much powerful is that it only runs with commands, no application could be execute(run) directly, but could be accompanied by the specific commands which make Linus the safe solution ie Virus free.

But why EthOS? well the answer is simple because, you can straight away start mining as soon as you boot into you OS, miner automatically runs, as all the configuration is already done in it.

How to install Ethos and get Start Mining?

1)Well first you need to buy it from gpuShack which cost 39$ and they will send you the downloading link

Purchase link:

Note: The Downloading link will automatically send to your email after purchase.

2) Make Bootable Usb/ ssd with Ethos in that.

In this article we gonna do the sdd method because it’s more stable and long-running, but you can use Rufus too with similar steps

  • put them in single folder
  • connect a new ssd with along the orignal windows ssd.


  • Run HDDRawCopy and select the downloaded Ethos File.
  • Hit Next and select the destination sdd where you want to install the OS
  • Hit Start

  • Remove the windows ssd and boot from the new EthOs ssd
  • connect all your gpus and you will see mining has been already started now you need to change the wallet address and pool.
  • type “nano /home/ethos/local.conf ” and change your wallet address and press ctrl + x to write the file.
  • Now just reboot and congo you are mining Ethereum.

Pros of using EthOS

  • Easy to use
  • auto start Miner
  • config and change miner setting like wallet address from anywhere with remote file setting, read
  • The Latest 1.2.3 version supports Nvidia Cards too
  • Best solution for huge mining farms
  • You dont have to worry about graphic drivers or less card supportive motherboards, Ethos runs all cards connected with motherboard.


  • Slightly less hashrates, you need to run and put config commands to Overclock
  • Bit complicated at beginning who never saw linux before

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