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How To Get The Best Mining Hash Rates On Nvidia 1070 (32.5Mh/s)


How To Get The Best Mining Hash Rates On Nvidia 1070 (32.5Mh/s)

Ethereum Mining is the one of the best investment currently heating upon the edge! we know that AMD and Nvidia graphic cards are one of the best cryptocurrency mining cards when it comes to the hashrates.  Nvidia graphics cards are currently running the best budget and hashrates since the AMD cards price hiked up. At the end of the article we gonna tune some setting making the Best Mining Hash Rates On Nvidia 1070.

Today we are talking about the Nvidia most amazing cards for Ether mining, which is Nvidia 1070. I’ve been using Zotac Nvidia 1070 card. As we know Nvidia is a chip like Intel processor and the Zotac is the manufacturing company which does make the card.

Zotac 1070 has proven to be a good one when it comes to ether mining. Also, note that Nvidia cards are best when it comes to Zcash mining because the algorithm of Zcash is best suits for Nvidia. But I personally found Zcash not so profitable and want to still stick to Ethererum, but you can always try different and mine these coin as you like. I personally found ether the best and profitable to mine as the price of ether gonna rise up to heaven very soon, plus the market cap of ethereum is second, just next to Bitcoin which makes it hot trending investment thing.

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Using Nvidia 1070 Graphic Cards 

Running the Nvidia’s 1070 specially Zotac Amp edition gave me great results and I am getting 32.5Mh/s Max.

What Setting To Use To get 32.5 Mh/s on Mining?

first, you must use Claymore windows edition because it gonna give the best results, you gonna get less hashrates in Linux mining OS. Second Download and Install Firestorm Software or Msi Afterburner.

!Note People usually got confused which overclocking software to use, well it’s simple if you are using the Zotac card use Firestorm and if you using Msi use Afterburner. But honestly any software work on any card it doesn’t matter.

Best Mining Hash Rates On Nvidia 1070!

Settings:  core clock is 1911(+134) and mem clock is at 4708(+909)

Best Mining Hash Rates On Nvidia 1070



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