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Firefox Introduced New Photon UI Design


Firefox Introduced New Photon UI Design

After the introduction for new Australis UI  by Firefox, the next Easter egg was upcoming of new Photon UI which is currently up in Nighty. The New Photon UI is currently being under development and is running under beta test. But due to issues in performance and some other problems, the Australis UI was not implemented in stable version or Nightly channels of Firefox. It was only available in UX builds.

But now developers finally launched the Australis UI in Nightly and its up running with upgraded performance and it was also up from Stable Firefox 29.

I really enjoyed using Firefox due to its fast performance and sleek design. And now the new Photon UI… god its damn amazing.

How To Enable New Firefox’s Photon UI

  1. Type about:config in address bar
  2. Then Type browser.photon.structure.enabled in search and change its value to “True”
  3. Restart Nightly

Note: Make sure you have the Lastest Nighty version i.e. version 55. You can Download the Latest Firefox Nighty Version from here Download Now!


As I said, the design is completely awesome and sleek.


Photon UI

Living with Photon UI, you gonna miss the old Firefox menu and options, but they still can be used by pressing ALT in windows. Enable the menu bar by Tools > Add0ns (Ctrl+Shift+A) and then you can able to open Add-ons Manager ( newly organised Firefox preferences page (Tools > options). you can disable the new Photon UI and come back to the Australis UI by toggling above said preference value.

You can always come back to the old default Australis UI  by disabling the new Photon UI by toggling browser.photon.structure.enabled to False.


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