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How To Disable Vivaldi Browser’s Auto Update Feature?


How To Disable Vivaldi Browser’s Auto Update Feature?

Since the release of the first update of Vivaldi Browser, the Auto Update Feature has implemented already. Some of them feature like auto-updates like in windows 10 it’s kinda off to some users. Well, the developers made it like that it checks for updates and notifies the user when a new version is available, which like in windows. It prompts to install the new versions with an option to skip and remind me later, it goes around and remind you later.

The Newest version i.e version 1.8, offers an option in setting to enable or disable the auto updates, with include the settings to show notification about updates when the browser is not running, which is kinda cool.

How To Disable Vivaldi Browser’s Auto Update Feature?

#The turning off the auto update feature in not recommended because it offers the latest security improvements and other updates with is most likely to work better than previous.

Goto Vivaldi Menu item > Click Tools > Settings > Autoupdates, Uncheck “Enable Autoupdate”

How To Disable Vivaldi Browser's Auto Update Feature


Now you’ve disabled the auto update feature, you can still check for updates manually! in the Vivaldi Help Menu

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