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How To Fix AVG Blocks Opera VPN?

AVG Anitvirus

How To Fix AVG Blocks Opera VPN?

The Latest Version of AVG Antivirus 2017 has a blocking built in feature, which eventually blocking VPN in opera Version 44 browser.  When you enable VPN in opera 44 and set any location other that the normal optimal location, then VPN won’t work, it simply gets stuck saying connecting and won’t turn on, looks like it will take days. This issue is facing my be since few days and won’t able to guess and finally got after turning off AVG.

Use this trick to make Opera VPN Work again.

How To Fix AVG Blocks Opera VPN?

  1. Launch AVG Main panel from the windows tray, open Antivirus Free interface.
  2. Click on menu and select “Settings”
  3. Now go to ” Components ” Click on ” Customise for the online shield.
  4. click Exceptions and add this URL **
  5. Turn off the Online Shield and turn its back on.

How To Fix AVG Blocks Opera VPN

#You can always disable Shield Permanently if you don’t want to do these steps its just an alternative way And don’t forget to turn back on once you done with the VPN.


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