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Opera 39 Back On VPN For Private and Normal Browsing


Opera 39 Back On VPN For Private and Normal Browsing

Opera 39 Developer

The New Opera Version 39 Dev has been final up with back Vpn Support for both Private as well as Normal Browsing, just like before. Since the introduction of VPN feature in Opera Browser, it was only available in normal browsing mode only. Later on, developer shifted the VPN feature to Private Browsing Only which could be seen in the previous Developer Edition of Opera 39, with the release of new Battery saving mode.

Since the release of Opera Dev 3, they received lot criticism and comment for the same which results of releasing the full version of VPN feature which will support for both Private and Normal Browsing modes.

Beside from this VPN feature, the company recently introduced Personal News Feeds with a new feature add to update layout to add or remove the source, which could use to display top 50 news tweaks.

You need to note that: VPN feature is still not enabled by default for normal browsing, In fact you need to click on the VPN badge to enable it.

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