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Hover Over Links To Change Image in Div Pure [CSS]

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Hover Over Links To Change Image in Div Pure [CSS]

Hey guys so today we are doing some coding. I was recently searching for some code ans stuff on how to change image on hover the links and i end up with almost nothing relevent but other like hover image to show text and all blah blah…

So i thought why don’t i make of my own and i end up with a beautiful Pure CSS and HTML(Not beautiful but ok for learning ) code of Changing image on hover links well, coding was simple and a bit complicated after all i not only put main stuff but also put CSS design in this.

Well i used div hover to show image and put some CSS ids and then linked them to div of image box.

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Highlighting Features of this 

  • Pure CSS and Html
  • Looks good.
  • You can customize anything.
  • Cool Hover Link Effect
  • Image switching Transition effect
  • Works great in Mega Menus of WordPress and others.
  • Default Image which appear as global.
  • And other 

 Ok so before putting on you site i suggest to make a backup or keep a mind if anything goes off track you can delete it.

Note: this is beta version and you may find bugs.. Final coding will release soon..

So Without Delay Lets see the coding

</p> <div> <div></div> <p> <a href=""> Doll /* Change Links and Text HERE */ </a> </p> <div></div> <p> <a href=""> Ice Cream </a></p> <div></div> <p><a href=""> Statue </a></p> <div></div> <p><a href=""> Girl </a></p> <div></div></div> <p>

 Note: I don’t allow to put it any where else. This is meant for personal use only
I will appreciate if someone create a better version and share to me 🙂

Final Thought

I really life this and using this on my other wordpress website and its working great. The problem is that CSS won’t works that great as advance scripts do, but scripts take some time to load and result in heavy page load if use in large scale, CSS load quick but can’t do what scripts can.

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