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Windows 10 Redstone Will Now Be Supported By Classic Shell


Windows 10 Redstone Will Now Be Supported By Classic Shell

Good News for Windows user and especially for those who  are likely to update to New Redstone Update very soon and which didn’t much like the latest windows 10 and 8 start menu and has been using Classic Shell software to get back Windows 7 Start Menu. 
The Latest update of Windows Red Support will be soon be showing its face soon this summer with a supportive feature of windows classic shell. The latest beta update released has a added support for classic shell.

Well all these thanks to developers of Classic Shell & Windows Community to support those users who want windows 7 start menu effects back in latest window. 
Apart all this, the all new beta version update of Classic Shell has added new feature for texture, setting the taskbar color and text color.

Here are the other new features and changes below.

What’s new in Classic Shell 4.2.7 beta ?

  • Ability to change the font  and size of the status bar in explorer
  • Yoolbar button to create a zip archive
  • Menu animations for the Windows 7 style
  • New metalic skin

    You can download the latest stable or beta version 
    Visit Classic Shell homepage.

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