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VLC Media Player 2.2.3 [32-bit & 64-bit] Released| With Downloading Link


VLC Media Player 2.2.3 [32-bit & 64-bit] Released| With Downloading Link

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VLC being founded from a company name VideoLAN which is a non-profitable organization.

VlC is a fully free and an open source multimedia player which can run across most of the platforms including Android. With all these things, It also offers that it can run any file format even a video is hidden in a zip or RAR file which makes it cool.

VlC, of course, can run all those CDs, DVDs and BlueRay Disk including various Stream Protocols.

VlC Media Player became one of the most popular free source media player around Internet. The reason for being famous is the ability to run almost all media files. The Easy, elegant UI and large customization option  make it perfect to use and smooth in navigating. Even Android version is truly fit in smoothness and compatibility.

Compatibility And Flexibility 

As mentioned above VlC can play almost any video or music file in any format even if it is in .rar or .zip file. It among the most flexible software with can also run on a very low-end Pcs.

VLC can play AVI, WMV, FLV, QuickTime, MP4, MPEG, RMBV and lot more, and can even open your picture ie. it also support image format also.

The among best feature includes that it can run a partial playback of the media file  which is incomplete during download ie. not more wait for a movie to fully download, it can run a partial playback too.

How Easy to Use!

It got a simple and function over beauty looks make it very simple and elegant to use as a person. The most of the basic look make this player extremely easy to use. By simply drag and drop feature is already integrated into it make it very much easier to play multiple songs or videos. With all these it got all the edit playback, volume, brightness, speed change, and more features are present in it. Make use of huge variety theme and customization available to make it appear as you want to.

Advance Options and Browser Compatibility 

Don’t think it got only those above features, but eventually have got tons of advance feature also including sync settings, graphic equalizer, audio equalizer, special effects, overlays, multi-presets, and even can change video audio delay, plus all more to discover.

The best among all is that you can simply add subtitles by adding SRT file in same Video folder and VLC will automatically recognize it.

!! Whats New In Update?

  • Fixed Video Resume Bug
  • Auto Rotate video capture in phone which could be seen in sync data in pc.
  • Rewritten video output core and modules, allowing blending in GPU.
  • Ability to download Extension direclty from Application
  • CrystalHD cards and Android OpenMAX support for hardware decoding.
  • Auto-Play where you left peviously
  • Improve 4k, UltraHd codes for better playbacks
  • Subtisle now could be downloaded from Opensource named OpenSubtitles
  • Support for SRT Laungauge automatically
  • Mozilla intregated VLC Extention many bug fixed

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