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Opera 39 With Battery Saving Mode and In-Built VPN | Download Links Inside


Opera 39 With Battery Saving Mode and In-Built VPN | Download Links Inside

Opera 39

Opera Inc. is working on an amazing new update in version 39 which will release stable version very soon in the marketplace. Since then they released the developers version which is free to download. This new developer version of Opera is compatible with windows(both 32 and 64 bit), Linux and Mac.
As per the update logs, we saw major updates  and amazing additional feature in this Opera 39 update. With this update of opera 39, the company introduced a very useful tool featured as Battery Saving Mode. This feature is unique amongst all the browser and makes this browser a stand in top listed browsers.

Worried about your laptop’s battery during travel?

Saving Mode Feature was aimed to extend you laptop or netbook battery life by a great extent. The developers of Opera wrote, ” We observed that  in the today’s generation most of the time laptops and netbooks are running mostly Web browser and not the offline system application that much”. Further, they added, ” This idea of saving battery deals very good when we are travelling and the battery runs away, this feature gives many more hours to the battery”.
They also bet that this feature will extend battery life upto 50% depending on your hardware.

Using Saving Mode 

Once you unplugged you power cable, an icon of battery mode will pop just a side of the address bar. You can simply click on that icon  and slide the on/off button and boom! opera do it best to save you battery as much as possible. Or else when you battery hits 20% Smart Opera automatically warns you and turn on saving mode automatically.
You can also enable this saving mode feature in desktop version too just goto Settings>Browser and select ‘Always show power saving icon’ under Power saver options.

These are the main ideas behind this battery saving mode

  • Automatically paused unused plugins
  • turn off web animations
  • Waking CPU less often due to more optimal scheduling of JavaScript timers
  • Reduce frame rates to 30 frames per sec
  • Reduce activities in background tabs

Opera In-build Vpn moved to Private Session mode

As per the developer version released we saw that  Developers of Opera moved the VPN feature to private browsing mode. It would a great idea since very few users use this in normal mode, shifting this feature to there makes the browser much lighter and fast.

New Page News Feed 

Just like edge browser, they added news feeds on the new tab page. It is very helpful to get all the updates of the nation around us.

The Country location and type of news categories can be edit from the customise start page option.

Download Links (Direct Download Links)

Final Thoughts 

I really like the new updates and really excited for the stable version to be released.
Since then I found some bugs in this developer version like VPN in the private browsing mode not connect to the virtual location many times. 

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