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Introducing Whatsapp Desktop Version | Review + Downloading links (Windows 10/8.1/8 & Mac)


Introducing Whatsapp Desktop Version | Review + Downloading links (Windows 10/8.1/8 & Mac)

Whatsapp Desktop Vesion

Whatsapp, a very popular messaging app with over 100+ Millions of active users, had finally released the stable version of Whatsapp desktop application. Whatsapp the Ultimate app allows the user to chat with instant messaging service called IM, with a support of quick share of media files like songs, documents, videos and lot more. Whatsapp recently also added voice call feature which allows user to make free calls over the internet.

We were very excited to see the new version of Whatsapp on windows, as Whatsapp Inc. finally released the Brand New Whatsapp standalone Application, which could run for you on Windows and Mac  for both 32bit as well as on 64-bit. We already know about Whatsapp Web version which can only run when a browser runs.

Developers also announced thrilling news for those who use Whatsapp Web Version. That web version of Whatsapp is now fully supported on other web browsers too like on Firefox and Opera.

In this article, we shall discuss all the pros cons of the new Whatsapp application and also what I like the most and why I still hate it.

First, we should download it.
How to Download?

Well simple you can download your copy of the Whatsapp Windows Based as well Mac based from the link given below.

Download Whatsapp desktop app

Download Whatsapp for windows (32 bit)
Download Whatsapp for Windows (64Bit)
Download Whatsapp for Mac

Visit Download page

Please note that this version of Whatsapp can only be run on Windows 8.1, windows 8, windows 10. And for Mac, you should have Os X 10.9 or higher version. As the software is frameworks based, company bets that it can run fine on these windows & Mac version.

We will test this version on windows 7, vista and XP and update to you very so.

Step 2: Just open the app, it will automatically install and ready to run. Then you need your phone to scan the QR code which will appear on the Desktop Whatsapp version screen.
Just open Whatsapp on you mobile device and Scan goto Settings > Whatsapp Web. Place your camera in front of the computer screen and scan the QR. Whatsapp will automatically respond and connect to you with you mobile version.

What I Don’t Like About this?

Ok well, this application is just like Whatsapp web which I hate the most. I.e mobile has to be connected to the internet in order to use Desktop Version. It would be a lot better if Whatsapp releases a version where you can just login to your id with a phone number and password, and it should run without mirroring mobile device.

What I Like about this

Besides, all that the most amazing this of this version is that, It is light  and compatible. Now I can simply type and see my message on the big screen of my laptop. Also, doing things on my Pc, I  can still chat with my friends without changing my eyes to the phone.

But why Whatsapp Desktop Application Over Web Version?

Well, there are a few things which force me to use this desktop application.
First it is light and open very quickly without issuing lag or other.
Second using this app I can organize it separately on taskbar or desktop icon and can simply launch it when I need it.

Sharing becomes easy

I can share media files like photos, videos, songs & important document to another person very easily without first transferring it to the mobile device and then to send them. Now I can simply send these file by simply browsing on PC and directly send them without any time gap.
Also, we can save files to PC and can open web link straight away.

Final Words 

I like the new windows version release but though as I said before it would lot better if Whatsapp implements a feature to open my account by just log in with id and pass, without connecting the mobile phone with internet.
One of my friend also suggested that it would be a lot better if they added a tracking system in the app ie. If the mobile device is lost or stolen we can simply track it just like iphone with icloud.
That’s for all today hope you like it. Let me know your view on the new version of Whatsapp desktop application in the comment section below.

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