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[Review] Vivaldi Browser | Amazing Hidden Features !! First Impression


[Review] Vivaldi Browser | Amazing Hidden Features !! First Impression

Vivaldi Browser Review first impression
Vivaldi Browser is a free Latest Browser released by the same company which owns opera browser. It is an eponymous browser which deals with speed and gives flexibility with tons loaded new feature which are really amazing and make this browser attractive.

Vivaldi… As name seems quite different (actually it got Italian cuisine), and I also got confused “what was the name of this browser”. But despite this name it got a really good fame between top rated browser and make space between them.

Last year company released Beta Version of Vivaldi which many are know with basics features. But finally, released the stable 1.0 version.
With the announcement of Project Spartan by Microsoft couple weeks ago. The Opera ex-CEO Just announced the new amazing browser named Vivaldi. Compatible with multiple OS like Windows, Linux, Mac, tablets, and even company promises to release it for more devices like android. People who like Opera Browser are going to love this new Vivaldi Browser & others too. Since it got looks from the Opera Browser but one can distinguish both the browser pretty much with their features and looks. Just like Opera the Vivaldi browser Opera gives a real grace and speed boosting in browsing the internet (but not much as mention later).
First Impression on this browser by me was great and I really like the integrated feature and buit-in quality, which sometimes comes really helpful and handy that we find missing in others browsers. We discuss them in details later down below.

Neat And Clean UI

With its looks, Vivaldi got really cleaned UI which most of the user like it. The first impression gives a pretty same look of Opera but some new styling’s. The sites rendering and loading are also much similar to that of other browsers plus overall layout also seems to be similar but customizable (discuss later).Tab menu is just as in top and search box just below just similar to Firefox browser.

Themes And Coloring

Vivaldi really got me with its immersive coloring effect with simplicity. Colors are simple and allow the user to choose between red gray black with combination too. The first thing that we got after opening this browser is to choose our own coloring theme which we are most suitable in.
Plus, just like android UI in which top navbar change color automatically according to App basic color theme similarly this browser also give that amazing color effect on tabs when visiting different websites( this is also customizable).

Simple Page Navigations

Tab Loading feature Vivaldi Browser

Just as we like in another browser and YouTube website top red loading bar, this Vivaldi browser also gives this similar loading bar just below tabs navigation which feels pretty cool plus browser gives the page size and how much is currently loading just on the right of the Address bar feels complete and found handy sometimes.
vivaldi's advance address bar


vivaldi's awesome user interface

Vivaldi browser offers  tons of customization and features. you can change appearance (i.e. theme) as the user feels comforting. Plus browser allows the user to change the position on tabs navigation on any side of the screen.
The browser also allows changing the position of the address bar at the bottom, just like the windows 8 IE which some users like more comforting.
You can found a black bar which allows the user to add some most frequent sites and other option which are most likely to be open , I really found this helpful now I can add YouTube, blogger and more site which I can directly without typing website names or URL.

Can Support Chrome Extension And App!!


What really!!?? That was my reaction when I found this feature, but the fact is yes you can add Extensions and Apps Just as that in Google Chrome. Vivaldi  has built-in Chromium ,this feature makes this browser complete with awesome features included this. Now add all your favorite extensions and apps that you do like in chrome.
Just type Chrome Store in Google and start download favorite extension which you like. J

Notes Feature

Notes Feature Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi browser let you make notes and allow you to edit and view the web pages you visit. This integrated feature is really helpful. You can note ingredients of a recipe or To-do this really fast. You can make many notes and can be organized and search into folders. Really great I love it.

Some More Amazing Hiding Tools

zoom feature in vivaldi browser

Vivaldi browser got some more really good features/ tools on top of the UI, the browser also gives quick action menu icon to navigate all setting just like fast forward menu which can also be changed into long old style menu bars.

At the bottom, we can find some additional features like Page Action along with Zoom slider just like much software like MS word.
Multitasking feature Vivaldi Browser

On the left you can see the horizontal bar It’s a most amazing this I found. the user can actually run multiple screens at once shortcut website added runs in mobile mode along with the left panel, I can now watch music video during editing my website or can write some relevant information from Wikipedia to my blogs.

  Multiple Tab Features

Multiple Tabs feature Vivaldi Browser

 Vivaldi browser has some really new tool like multiple windows in tab option which allow the user to group multiple tabs to one single tab just like a folder containing files, Allows more effective navigation, space efficient and grouping. For example, I want to read multiple Wikipedia I can group all of them by dragging to the single tab.

Simplified and Easy Setting

Simple setting Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi browser gives you an effective and simplified setting. You can change all setting without any efforts if that too much search setting like another browser is added allowing to change your liking very quick.

Can Support Mouse Gestures and Key shortcuts

Just like in a smartphone, Vivaldi browser supports mouse gestures which can be simply be performed by right clicking and swiping you mouse. This feature is really helpful and adds plus points in navigation support
Key shortcuts are also got the additive feature you can change any key shortcut within the application and instruct to perform a specific command.
Both of them can simply be disabled from settings.

Dark Side of the Vivaldi browser

From reports of Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome are listed among the top rated browser, due to its speed and built-in technology. Well, Vivaldi browser seems somewhat bend on edges when it come to its speed and memory usage. Also, this new combined feature of opera with chromium is not yet a better solution.

After opening many tabs of heavy websites Vivaldi browser seems to be laggy and unresponsive on my laptop, which was definitely not a case in a browser like chrome or Mozilla.
The onsite time load also seems a bit slow of around 1 seconds delay on opening heavy sites, this is definitely given and the idea of non-resonance coding of the browser with features.

Dark side of Vivaldi Browser

The graph can clearly show the variation when 15 heavy websites are opened Vivaldi browser seems to bite down the end in performance.

Final thoughts

Even its speed was bit slow on heavy usage, but overall browser features and inbuilt tools with simple UI are pretty much good than average markings. In my opinion, Vivaldi browser is good but not the best to choose from others. Eventually, I am going to try this Vivaldi browser  a couple of weeks because of its buitin usefull tools. Since i am not a heavy internet surfer, i probably end up with good impression.


  • Free of cost
  • Simple UI very interactive looks
  • Can support Chrome app and extension
  • Multi-tab feature is cool
  • Inbuilt note making tool and Web action


  • Still bit slow then other browsers
  • A bit unfamiliar interface
  • Mouse gestures and some options in web Action are useless

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