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How To Start Vivaldi Browser Incognito/Private Session Mode Shortcuts [Trick]


How To Start Vivaldi Browser Incognito/Private Session Mode Shortcuts [Trick]

Vivaldi Browser Incognito/ Private Session

Vivaldi Browser in becoming an everlasting browser now and making space amongst other Web browsers. A few days ago one of my friend asked that how he can make a shortcut of Vivaldi Browser Private Session or incognito Mode Directly open from it, I thought it is worth sharing.

. So today lets discuss some simple tricks to open Vivaldi incognito mode.

Why to Use Incognito Or Private Session Mode?

Vivaldi Browser Incognito/ Private Session
Private Browsing or Incognito Mode use widely as it allows you to browse the internet without leaving and history or traces. Private Browsing also won’t allow saving cookies and your download list searches and more, once you turn Web Browser off it automatic clean all that. It is considered as a safe browsing idea when you are using a public computer or share internet.

Here are some method to open & use Vivaldi Private Session or Incognito Mode.

1) To Open Incognito mode in Vivaldi Browser Directly.

It is somewhat confusing in this new browser to find incognito mode since the layout is different than any other browser. But it’s simple
Just Click on Top Left Vivaldi Icon >> file >> New Incognito Window.


2) How to Open With Hotkeys or Shortcut Key 

Simple just Press Ctrl+ Shit+N and Private Window will open immediately.


3) How to make Shortcut to Open Vivaldi Incognito Mode Directly?


Just Right Click on Desktop >> New >> Shortcut >> and paste

“C:Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\Application\vivaldi.exe” –incognito    >> Click Next  >> type Name Vivaldi Incognito or Vivaldi Private Session >> Click Finish. 

Double Click Every time you want to open Incognito Window.


4) How to open Vivaldi Incognito Mode from Taskbar?

  Simple Pin Vivaldi Browser to the taskbar, now every time you want to open Incognito Mode Right Click on Vivaldi Icon then click New Incognito Window.



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