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Get Amazing Metro Style UI In Google Chrome [Trick]


Get Amazing Metro Style UI In Google Chrome [Trick]

Metro Style UI in Google Chrome

Since Release of first look of windows 8, people got excited of new windows layout with includes latest Metro UI feature. The new metro style in windows 8 makes navigation a simpler task and creates an everlasting modern UI look. But despite this, many people don’t like this new feature and want the old start menu back but those who like this Metro UI feature got really good news. Now we can add this trick to Google Chrome.
Metro Style UI in Google Chrome
I too love this Metro style UI as it changes the way of navigation and provides quick access and Fresh unique look. Today I going to share with you a trick that how you can add this amazing Metro UI feature in Google Chrome. As many browsers like Vivaldi and others, too have chromium integrated into them, hence this feature of adding Metro UI can also be supported in these browsers. 
This trick is compatible for windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, vista, XP, plus Mac and Linux. Basically, can compatible with all platform which supports chrome Desktop version.
My friends really like this trick as it gives a fair modern approach to interface and bring navigation and updates on you chrome screen. So this trick is worth sharing to others. 
So without further delay lets get into it. 

Just Follow these steps give below and you will end up with Metro UI in Google Chrome:

2) Now Click on “Add To Chrome”.

3) Confirm Permission to add this to your Google Chrome.

4) Wait for initialization It will install really quickly as the size of this is just 4.44mb.

5) You’re done!! Just click on New Tab and you will see Amazing Metro UI is in front of you.

Metro Style UI in Google Chrome


Change Position, Setting & Size

Just Click on Icon saying Unlock from left panel to unlock the layout, you can move a widget, change widget settings and can also change widget size.  

Custom URL Shortcut Widget

Similarly, Click on icon saying unlock any you will able to see boxes with + sign. Just Click on Plus + and Add you customize URL Shortcuts Widgets. You can also change search setting and can also add an icon to it.

Add Widget provided by Developer

Just goto and choose your favorite widget listed on it, finally, add them to chrome and then goto metro UI interface by clicking New tab >> then Click Unlock icon and also press Widgets icon from Left panel>> Drag and drop the widget to you desired location.

Add Installed App Shortcut 

Click Unlock icon from and Apps icon from the left panel. Drag your apps  to the desired location. 

Change Background Image of Metro UI 

Click Configure icon from left panel and   goto Background Tab and enter custom background image Directory in-between “” url(      )””

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