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Meet NEW!! Windows RedStone Update [Announcement]| Windows Anniversary Update 2016


Meet NEW!! Windows RedStone Update [Announcement]| Windows Anniversary Update 2016

On 30th march 2016, Microsoft finally announced the all new Windows Update Codenamed as Windows Red Stone in San Francisco, it is actually bought with the Actual name of Windows 10 Anniversary Update. It is actual New Windows 10 Built which will be available to the windows customer by this summer.

This New Update of Windows Red Stone (RS) is loaded with Tones of new feature and bug Fixes, thanks to Developers are  and Windows feedback Integration on Windows 10. All the recent updates are recently being releasing from the New Windows Redstone developments branch.
Well, the news from source also coming that when Microsoft Release Windows Redstone Builds it will actual going to label as Anniversary Updates.

With the confirm news of this release it will be available to all the windows 10 Customers just Like Windows 10. Just like windows 10 Update which came in November was referred as Windows 10 Version 1511, this new update also be referred to Windows 10 version 1607. Well, this is not actually confirmed yet but if this update comes in this summer like in July it will be so obvious that it will be labeled as Version 1607 ie.(16 =year) and (07=mount July) and just similar if it released in other months.

Yet from sources, it is still not being confirm that what will be the actual build number of Window Redstone Update
Just said before this Windows Redstone or Windows Anniversary Update will give the best build latest UI and features. Microsoft announced some if the key feature of them:-

Updates: Now Get Android Nortification in New Windows RedStone/ Windows Anniversary.. Microsoft confirm this Update!!

  • New Windows Ink Integration Featured:

In Windows 10 Anniversary Update/ Windows Redstone Update, we will be able to write/edit on your Surface device just like a paper pen, will able to create sticky notes on them, draw on a whiteboard like structures and can also be easily shared with friends or family. I.e. Analog thoughts on the digital world using new “Ink Center” feature will be integrated. Windows Ink is integrated into apps like Maps, Microsoft Edge browser and MS Office (word, outlook and more).

  • New Features for Xbox:

In New Windows 10 Anniversary Update/Windows Redstone, background music and Cortana comes embedded into Xbox One. Universal Windows Platform also called UWP apps will come to Xbox through a Unified Single Windows Store, In which every Xbox One will be able to become a developer kit with Xbox Developer Mode, enabled anyone to develop their own ideas from anywhere.

  • Cortana Improvements:

In New! Windows 10 Anniversary Update/Windows Redstone, Microsoft has improved the digital assistant lady “Cortana” to proactively make suggestions for you throughout your day, like Remaining you to do lunch or can arrange a movie ticket. Cortana will be now available in the Startup Lock Screen, giving user a quicker access to their personal tasks and help in issues for across all types of devices without unlocking your PC. Cortana will now work across your devices and enable you to complete some amazing tasks like certain notification-based tasks on your Windows or Android phone, ie enables you to receiving and sending text messages, on your PC.

  • Windows Hello Biometric Security Support for Apps Including Microsoft Edge Web Browser:-

In Windows 10 Anniversary/Windows Redstone Update, user can be able to use Windows Hello’s sign in security features in modern (metro) apps including Microsoft Edge web browser, Groove music and other more. Windows Hello feature in Windows 10 allows you to sign into other devices with ensured security wall.

  • New HoloLens Technology

Yes, of course, we heard the new technology of HoloLens which is shipped to many developers for developing the amazing new feature which will soon come across. Microsoft demonstrated NASA live technology with Hololens which let people to see Mars and enable to explore, plus helping medical students to learn much faster.
These Updates and new feature are looking promising and exciting. There will be tons more UI changes and new feature which will be announced by Windows Redstone Developer very soon.


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