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Is Ringing bell Freedom 251 Really a scam?


Is Ringing bell Freedom 251 Really a scam?

Is Freedom 215 Scam?
Is this Phone a Scam, Is it worth buying this, Is it Safe to buy this phone, Will they deliver this phone on time? Is this fake?Is Ringing bell Freedom 251 Really a scam?
All these questions are coming to our mind before considering this Phone?
From the release of Freedom 251 Smartphone with latest Spec and cheapest Price it defiantly draws it attending in a bit weird suspicious look. From the past of couple weeks, a company name Ringing bell (which I never hired name before) launches a Brand new Smartphone Name Freedom 251, which makes a wave in people mind. But the real Question is that is it really a Trusted Brand.
Well from couple sources it may seem that the brand new company may scam people and can fool them to invest their money. The price of Only Rs 251 (about 4$) which is less than a movie ticket or a McDonald meal. This Company guarantees to deliver a new Smartphone with 8Gb Memory, 1gb Ram dual sim,  a decent camera of 3.2Mp rear and 0.3 Mp front,  4inch qHd Display and every lasting 1450 mAh of battery. The Smartphone comes with Pre-installed apps like women Safety, Swachh Bharat, Fisherman, Farmer, Whatsapp, YouTube and more.
From the idea of make in India campaign and “Digital India“ started from the prime minister of India. A man name Mohit Kumar Goel, launched the Freedom 251 couple weeks ago. From the company report that that they sold out 6 lakhs phones in 1 sec and eventually at starting server crashes due to huge customers. And currently, booking are closed.
So the launch left many questions unanswered. That why this gadget is so cheap even it total cost worth 3000Rs as compared to other Brand. So we find out many conclusion that why you should think before purchasing Freedom 251.
Firstly from the first look of this phone it remained me that I had seen it before.. and yes its came to true.
It is the same device name Adcom lkon 4 with same Specs. But freedom 251 has some customization. Like their own back cover and battery print which said made by Freedom 251.
 BJP  Minister Kirit Somaiya Said that this is fake and they won’t have any manufacturing unit and scamming peoples.


This Phone is really cheap and make a huge progress in India and help people of India to connect each other which is really good but every day standing question of scamming make this phone quite suspicious.
Finally, I will say its like buying a lottery ticket, where you may or may not be sure to get prize.
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