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How To Recover Data From Pendrive Or Other Even If Its Not Hidden


How To Recover Data From Pendrive Or Other Even If Its Not Hidden

Have you ever got infected with virus or any malicious program, well if not they are all over the web and if yes  then here a small article for those guys who need to recover the hidden data which is not even visible by enabling “ Show hidden file”. I don’t know exact problem it could be your antivirus which ecrypted that data for more safety, yes that mainly a virus attack.
Follow these step if you ever got in that issue.
First, if you haven’t try to enable hidden files folderoption then try that first. To do that goto Control Panel.
1).Simply Right Click on Start >>
2) select Control panel. 
3). Files explorer option 
4) “View” TAB 
5). Check Show Hidden Files and folder.

Note: Check you Pendrive, If data shows up. Yes ! then that great. But if still doesn’t shows up. Follow these NEXT Step.

5).Scroll Down and uncheck Hide protected operating system file
6) Now It will Definitely Shows Up.
For those, if this trick Works then share it.
But wait This data is Still Encrypted ?? Why… and how do I get it back?
Check Out Next Article:-Coming Soon!!

Need Help ? Feel free to comment it below!!

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