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How to Play Your Favorite Android Games in Google Chrome


How to Play Your Favorite Android Games in Google Chrome

 Here presenting a new way to play your favorite game on Google Chrome. Including me, my friends are too excited to know this trick and here the easy and simple way to do it.
Well, there are not a lot of games you can play on Chrome but some. And it was quite smooth and run without bugs.
Some of these game follow Cut the rope, ZigZag, Agario and lot more are some of my favorite games which I would like to play without picking up my phone. Chrome do my work Easily.

So let’s not get delay and lets Kickstart, How to do it?

Follow These Step and You are done!!

1). You need Chrome Launcher. Well, it will automatically add to your taskbar after installing the game.

Note: If you got any problem in getting Chrome Launcher then go and download from

2)Now Goto Chrome App store.
And Search your game in search in upper left corner. In this case lets install  Cut the rope one of my favorite game. Type Cut the rope >> Hit enter.

After Click Add To Chrome.
Added Your Game will appear in Chrome App Launcher (Eventually, if you won’t have Chrome Launcher It will appear).

Key Feature Of Playing On Google Chrome

  • Runs smooth and quick.
  • Can play some games offline.
  • Audio Mute ongoing different window.
  • Easy to Launch.
  • Handle High-End Game Smoothly.
  • Easy to install.
  • And lot more. 

Like this Install Other Games And enjoy Game without picking your Smartphone.
If you have any Question, issues, problems feel free to Comment it down.

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