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How to Get Amazing Custom Color Progress Bar In YouTube!?


How to Get Amazing Custom Color Progress Bar In YouTube!?

YouTube is an amazing place for entertainment, Studying, sharing idea and even for new. Today on YouTube you can watch any social video very easily. YouTube was Founded in 2005, now in this decade of time, YouTube are among the top website and share a top rank in Video Sharing Network. Over Billion users view all type of videos every single day making the YouTube even more favorite amongst people.  
So today we come across a New Trick for all the Users of YouTube that how to Change progress bar with your own choice, Yes its right the little horizontal thing which helps to navigate across Video.
Actually, it feels awesome and more cooler than the ordinary Red bar and it’s very easy to do it.
I recently got a message from my friend that “can I change that red bar” Actually he kind of hate red color. .Not me my friend.
So I searched and didn’t find are relevant content then I came across a cool add-on name Style in Mozilla and I search it for Chrome too.
For this trick, I will share how to change for both browsers i.e. Chrome as well as Mozilla.
Youtube Custom Progress bar
So just follow these steps

For Chrome:
Step 2). Click Add to Chrome.
Step3). Let it be install.. It got small size and would install very quickly.
Step4). Go to and then Click On the Small New Stylish Icon.
Step5). Click “Find more stylish for this site” then Scroll Down and you see add custom Progress bar.
Step6) Choose Your Favorite Stylish any color you want…. I like Neo Green very cool. So I select 
bar type glow/gradient and Color to Green. Finally Click Install with Stylish.

Youtube Custom Progress bar

For Mozilla:

Almost Just Same
Step 2). Click Add to Mozilla.
Then rest of steps same,  follow from Step 3 For Chrome.
Your Done
Youtube Custom Progress bar

Get Nyan Cat Progress bar!! :

Youtube Custom Progress bar

Get Star War Progress Bar!!

Feature of Stylish

  • You can style anything Google page, Facebook page and more
Google Home page With Stylish
  • Lots of themes and styles
  • Can build your own idea
  • Smooth and Awesome
  • Install Quickly

Final Words

I really like the stylish as it is free and provide a lot of option to work with. Try it and make your own styles for you favorite website.
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Comment your issues and views down in comments section.

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