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Get Real with RealTimes [Released] With Downloading Link


Get Real with RealTimes [Released] With Downloading Link

“Creates Shareable Video, Picture & other Stories And Share With Your Friends And Family”

With the inherited version of RealPlayer, RealTime is a fresh and latest version of the great player. Actually, It is the Cloud Updated version of Real Player. RealTime is a kind of Freeware player (but premium version available) which allows you to play any kind of media, whether it is movie, songs, Pictures, clips and much more.
The name RealTime relate with time, that’s right it does not only play music or videos but also let you to create an organized media like a story with the interval of time just as timeline. RealTime automatically picks the best moments of your like pictures, videos and let them organize like a timeline. The application also has the capability to reorganize the photos and clip duration and sound effects according to you and finally you can share them with your friends family.

The Latest couple updates are almost rolled into a new Application called Real Time. Allows the user to upgrade to RealTime for free with all the pictures and clips get update to the application automatically.

As its update of old versions for cloud feature, it also provides user to make a cloud-based storage and manages pictures, videos etc on different platform.
The All New RealTime is almost available to the latest platform like Android, IOS and Windows. Also available as the view-only version on Chrome Cast & Roku TV players.

How to Download this Amazing Application?

How To install? (Picture Tutorial)

The first look of the app was quite good, smooth UI and be supported by windows 10. Well After some login which you can find useful use for cloud storage later is quite amazing.

Some Key features that I like:

  • Give 2gb Free cloud storage


  • Added an awesome feature to Download Videos from YouTube or any other Website.

  • Always organized all the pics, clips like a time like
  • One my favorite tracks and picture are uploaded to cloud they are secured and can be accessed by Android or IOS.
  • Nice UI

  • Can play almost every media file
  •  Smooth to navigate
  • Does Respond to media Keys (present in keyboard) even I am on another window with VLC don’t.
  • Player theme can be change.
  • Can Record your Voice
  • Can burn disk for media storage
Download Video Feature

Final Thoughts

RealTime had acquired a great place in my PC and make totally worth  to purchase the Premium Version.
I Will Soon Purchase the Premium Version in future and write post for features of premium version too and good to give away the Premium version to our Subscribers So stay Tune and Subscribe to us if you haven’t.
Hope you like this post if yes Share it and post your views down in the comments section.

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