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Taste your Android With New Marshmallow v6


Taste your Android With New Marshmallow v6

 Android Marshmallow was recently announced by google in a couple months before. A very new and amazing update with tons of new features are added in this updated. Google started rolling many of the devices with its new android version. Some old device is not in that list. Google nexus, HTC, Samsung are some of the top devices started rolling the latest update of Android Marshmallow.

Still Many of Users which cannot afford to buy a new phone, for those of you this is a Cool Trick I am sharing among you which allow to Taste Marshmallow (Android Version 😛 ). We are using Launcher of Marshmallow which is officially present on Google Play Store. Yes I’m Using MM launcher-Marshmallow launch. You guys can get a copy of this app.  This version is really small and cost just around 5Mb.

After Installing the app you get a awesome look of its UI. It is really smooth and appears good. After you interact with its UI you can find a lot of features in this app.

One of the feature including a Shortcut drawer bar in nortifiaction drawer and slider shotcut window have couple of advantage and help to navigate fast.

Check out more features on you own. By downloading it now.

Download Link>MM launcher-Marshmallow launch – Google Play

 Note this app contain limited feature of Android Marshmallow. And Developer are Adding new features in every updates.
Hope you like this post. Make sure to share this with your friends and comment and thoughts or issues, down in comments section.

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