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Star Wars BattleFront Is It Really What We Want? [Game Review]


Star Wars BattleFront Is It Really What We Want? [Game Review]

Ever since EA and DICE first announced a brand new Star Wars Battlefront game at E3, many gamers were jumping for joy as everyone’s favourite Star Wars game is finally getting a brand new lease of life. What could go wrong? With EA’s budget and DICE’s expertise in first person shooting games, it should be roaring times for fans of the series, right ?

As it turns out, yes and no. First, the good news. Star Wars Battlefront is easily one of the most beautiful games to have come out in 2015, without a doubt. Regardless of the map you’re playing in, or the platform you’re playing SW:B on, the locale always looks amazing and breathtaking. This is in line with what we know DICE is capable of, as we’re certain that the company, which is also behind the super popular Battlefield shooter know what they’re doing.
Gameplay-wise, SW:B plays amazingly well. Regardless if you’re new or are a veteran to multiplayer shooters, the game is kind enough that newbies can just come in and join the game, while providing veterans of the genre with new styles of play so that they won’t get bored too quickly.
As far as gameplay mechanics go, SW:B gives you a satisfying enough feel, as if you’re part of the Empire or Resistance, depending on which side you’re on, and at times, the game makes it feel like you’re a bit too much like either of the sides, as some maps are unbalanced towards one side.
If you’re a fan of single-player Star Wars games like Knights of The Old Republic, you will be a bit disappointed as SW:B does not come with a single player mode, barring the tutorial section in the
 From the start, it seems, EA wanted the game to focus solely on its multiplayer components, and at the time of writing, these modes include Walker Assault, where you fight in epic 40-player battles as both the Empire and the Resistance, as the former tries to destroy outposts, while the latter try to take down the AT-AT.
Hero Hunt meanwhile allows one player out of eight to become a Hero unit, be it Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Boba Fett or Darth Sidious himself, as seven other players try to take him down. The player who manages to kill the hero character will become the next hero himself, having a turn at wreaking havoc against either the Imperials or the Resistance.Perhaps the other mode that’s as impressive as the Walker Assault is Supremacy mode, where the Imperials and Resistance fight for control points in a 40-player skirmish, which allows players to take control of ground and air vehicles to gain the upper hand against each other’s enemies.Blast and Drop Zone meanwhile are your standard team deathmatch and capture the flag modes that most FPS multiplayer gamers should already be familiar with, with both modes sadly only allowing up to 10vs10 and 8vs8 matches, unlike the epic 40-player Walker Assault mode.
Therein lies the problem with Star Wars Battlefront. No doubt the game looks amazingly good, and plays very well regardless of what mode you’re playing, but eventually players are going to want more. EA is of course poised to release even more modes and DLCs for the game, but EA being EA, these new modes and DLCs are guaranteed to be locked behind some sort of paywall.
 Pretty as the maps are, there are very limited maps in SW:B, and even with the upcoming free Battle of Jakku DLC, it still doesn’t solve the lack of maps and modes that the game is currently facing. Modes like Fighter Squadron have yet to be released, and it isn’t known yet if we’ll ever be able to fight in the stars like the previous Battlefront games.The game in its current state is fine, although EA and DICE do need to up the content update soon. The Battle of Jakku DLC may give gamers some new shiny things to play with for now, but we hope this will continue with the release of more maps at least, so that there are enough things for us to play with while waiting for Episode VIII to come out in the near future.
Star Wars Battlefront is a fun game to play no doubt, thanks to its beautiful graphics and easily accessible gameplay. It’s quite unfortunate that there are still modes out there that we haven’t seen yet, and looks like it is going to be stuck behind a pawall.

Regardless, if you have a few friends who are also fans of Star Wars, getting this game and playing it together for a bit of nostalgia fun may not be such a bad idea.   

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