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Get Awesome Colored TitleBar! | Windows 10


Get Awesome Colored TitleBar! | Windows 10

Today we are going to share a trick on how you can get a colored Titlebar as shown in image. Those of you guys who are confused that, “ why some of people who got  windows 10 have that dam!! colored bar feature and why I don’t”  was simple, that colored title bar was a part of old windows 10 update but users like me which got a freshly old copy of windows 10 wont have and I think they removed that. But some user like that awesome colored title bar and pleasure to say that you are at a right Place. And you are just follow the steps.

Actually it feels quite good and impressive. One of the reason for that is in old Windows 7,vista and xp you didn’t got this option to actually change this and it sometime confuses uses while navigating open windows, that which window is selected.  
At the end of this tutorial we are going to tell you some tips J.
So Without wasting more time lets get started. Just follow these steps and you will end up with cool colored title bar.

1. Ok first Hit WIN+R Key on your keyboard, and type %WinDir%/Resources/Themes  hit ok and a Window will pop up of windows theme.”It’s actually a shortcut 😛

2. Then Copy the folder aero and paste it there only. Click on continue to any windows saying Access Denied. It Will Make a File Copy-aero. “SKIP FILE WHICH WONT COPY

3. Rename that copy-aero folder to color again click Continue to any access denied.

4. Open that color folder and again rename aero.msstyles to color.msstyles.

5. Open en-US folder and again rename aero.msstyles.mui  to color.msstyles.mui . You know how to deal with Access denied.

6. Go back to theme folder and copy aero.theme file to desktop(its easy to edit there). Rename it to color.theme. Open this file as notepad.

7. Find the line… “Path=%ResourceDir%Themesaeroaero.msstyles  change it to Path=%ResourceDir%Themescolorcolor.msstyles . Save this file.

8. Now Cut the color.theme file on desktop and paste in theme folder back.

9. You are Ready Just Double click it And you will Get the Cool Thing. Enjoy.


1).You can change your title bar color by simply going in Personalized Setting. That is Right Click on Desktop and Personalize.  And Go to Colors, then Choose you Favorite color.

2).Make A Shortcut of the color.theme file on desktop. Reason for that is, if you change your theme it go back to normal. So just for simplicity 

 Hope you Like this Post If yes Make Sure you share this with your friends and Also if you got any issues or problem comment it below I will Help YOU.

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