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5 Ultimate Tips To Boost Your Android Devices + Extra Tips


5 Ultimate Tips To Boost Your Android Devices + Extra Tips

If you are observing your android a bit slow then your friends device, weather taking tons to time to load simple apps,  hanging lot of time or else. Then it may be a serious problem and can be damage your device soon in couple years. You may also don’t know what the apps are running in background, they may be virus or unwanted app with using a ton of system space. If that so happens to you then you are at right place. Here are some Best 5 Tips which you can rely on. With a just few tweaks you can boost your device.

1. Upgrade your Device Software.

Well it’s a first and main tip you need to do usually new Android Os are light compatible and runs smooth than your previous. If you get any update don’t ignore that, keep you system up to date is the main key of both speed and security.
Even that may of the useful apps may run smooth on latest android version. So you may be Consider that.
Note: Before you Upgrade Your Android is best to make Backup, just in case something went wrong (Full backup is always good). 
Use some useful backup app available in play store.

2. Install A Good Antivirus.

This is important, an antivirus may really help your android performance by eliminating threats and unwanted malicious app. Some are these include AVG, Avast, CM security are great free antivirus to be useful. You may find more in playstore.
Here the key I am using, well most of antivirus are big and can acquire max space it is best to keep them but if you got low memory or low ram you can do is that run antivirus app and scan through it then make backup of apk(using AppBackup) once that done then uninstall it. Once you feel that your android is lagging or may have some malicious app you can always install that backup app and scan and eliminate. Well it is not permanent solution but it always helps me!!

3. Clean your Android

• Clean App Cache
Many apps takes lots of unwanted space to save temporary files and other stuff its called App cache. You can always clean them manually by going to setting then application and press menu then press Clean App Cache. If that doesn’t work you can Rest the apps.

• Uninstall Unwanted Apps
Many of the apps may still installed in your device with you are not using. Its is best to uninstall all of them they may contain huge unused files and can use a lot of ram and storage. If you feel that those apps can be useful in future you can make backup, so that you can restore when you feel it’s useful.
Here it another tip if you have rooted Android you can use app called Link2sd which can uninstall used system apps like preinstalled game or other app, it can free Huge memory. Be careful not to delete system file.
You Can Always Use Apps Like Clean Mater or DiskUsage app they are very useful and can help a lot.

Image from onhax

4. Tweak  You System

• Launchers can give best performance if you tweak them correctly. You can use 3rd party Launchers like Go Launcher, Nova Launcher or other, it may be very useful as you can customize many small stuff that may lag you device. 
• Keep Fewer Widgets on Launcher
Well keeping fewer Widgets which always be a good thing in boosting startup. Widget relate to apps which run background files and your device gets slow. So it is good to have useful widget only like email, time.  
• Avoid Live Wallpaper
Many of the you love Live Wallpaper but the fact its Live Wallpaper Uses a lot of Memory and can cause lagging when opening your screen lock. Its always good to use a normal wallpaper. You may find pretty good wallpaper using some apps called Zedge, Background wallpaper.

5. Disable Your Sync and Animation 

  • Sync is very good feature and use to update info from server but also to know that it uses some large background files which may cause lagging. So better switch them off..
  • Animations feels good but still kills rams and can lagging in some cases, well android got some good animation setting in Developer Options in Setting. You can Disable them or use low setting if you want some animations.

More Tips J

1. Always Install Apps From Playstore

Well its always good to install app from playstore not from other source as it may contain some malicious dangerous file which can steels your personal data or can cause lagging.

2. Install Light Weight Apps 
Well there are many light weight apps which may run very smooth and acquire very less space is a good way to tweak. Apps like Facebook Lite, Mini Opera, mini Uc Browser is always helpful but may have fewer features.

3. Use Some Useful Apps to Boost

Install some good apps like cm cleaner, Du Speed Boosted it can help a lot.

4. Protect Your Device
Phone are little device but can do more things than you. And its better to take a good care of it. Well a damage phone can cause hardware fail which can cause some unwanted lagging.
  • Protect From Damage:- Use Screen Guards and Protective Cover, it ensures safety, looks good and even increases your phone lifetime.
  • Protect From Heat and Moisture:- Well Heat and moisture can really ruin you hardware even some strong Magnetic field or electric field may also damage your device so its good to keep them away.
  • Always Use Company Charger to Charge You Device.
  • Always accept file, games, and songs from trusted friends. 


Following those tips above can really be useful and can enhance speed, security and lifetime of your Android Device
You Can Always Share your thoughts, Problem, issues right below in comments

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